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    sports-based addiction management tactics for driven personalities

  • What is Triathlon


    Triathlon is a sport where swimming, cycling and running are combined into one event. Swimming, cycling and running are executed consecutively and distances vary from an hour all-in, to several hours for the more challenging events (sometimes referred to as IRONMAN).


    It's a well known fact that physical exercise increases the production of Dopamine molecules in the body which are beneficial to health and well-being. Due to the variety of exercise types in Triathlon (swim, bike, run) it really is the king of sports.

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    Small Steps - Big Progress
  • About you


    'Good habits are formed, bad habits we fall into.'

    It's not uncommon for us to adopt behaviours that seem like a good idea at the time but which pretty soon become out of control, unhealthy and ultimately destructive.


    We know - we've been there too.
    You're probably already looking for an escape route. Here at Addicted To Triathlon we can offer some alternative lifestyle choices where you can hit the reset button. Immediately.
    We might not turn you into a world class athlete but we could help you become fitter, stronger, calmer and more fulfilled.
    Contact us now, dump the baggage and get an addiction to something you can be proud of.


  • About us

    We are qualified Triathlon coaches. 
    Our aim is to provide sports-based addiction management tactics for driven personalities.  
    We know what it's like to be addicted to the wrong thing.  
    We believe in the concept that Not All Addictions Are Equal.
    We've seen Triathlon turn lives around.
    We know that Small Steps lead to Big Progress.
    We understand difference & diversity and welcome people of all ages, race, LGBTQ+, gender, weight, political orientation and current addiction preference. 
    We are proud to say we are Addicted to Triathlon.
    Hit the Coaching Services images below and we'll give you more details on how we can work together.



  • Get started...


    '48 Hours Clean - Polished For a Lifetime'

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    The Merriam Webster definition of Addiction:

    2. "A strong inclination to do, use, or indulge in something repeatedly"
    Contact us now and become addicted to something you can be proud of.
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